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The Institute has experience training across multiple states using a person centered framework to assist people with a range of support needs to have positive control over their lives.  Our partners represent a diverse group of individuals, family members and service organizations.

In an effort to facilitate learning and development, the Institute established a Community of Practice bringing together more than 30 certified trainers from Texas to learn from one another.   The Institute collaborates with Oklahoma to host the Texas/Southwest Gathering, a three-day event bringing together trainers, trainer candidates, family members and people with disabilities to exchange ideas, learn about national emerging trends from an international perspective.

The International Learning Community on Person Centered Practices. (ILCPCP). (link to their website) developed the training curriculums used by the Institute.  The ILCPC began this work in the 1980s and has continually developed improved and incorporated innovative ideas and methods to facilitate community life for people with people with developmental or other disabilities. 

Two of the founders of the Institute:  Laura Buckner serves on the ILCPCP Board of Directors and Dr. Shelly Dumas was actively involved in establishing the ILCPCP. (
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About the Institute for Person-Centered Practices