Better Lives, Not Just Better Plans...

Important For, Preferred Supports...

  • Little to no fragrances in personal products
  • Schedule/routines — be efficient in your actions
  • Ensure animals are cared for
  • Autoimmune supports - no wheat/barley/rye in food
  • Solitude for recharging
  • Ensure fresh veggies and fruit around, nuts, too
  • Have a sense of humor, talk when there is something to say, communicate changes and what you are doing
  • Don't smoke

Amy Sharp

Important To...

  • Family/pets
  • Schedule/routine
  • Animals and their care
  • Autoimmune supports, Celiac in particular
  • Solitude for recharging
  • Health — exercise, good food, rest, chemical-free products
  • Creative expression


  • Thoughtful, intuitive, generous
  • Organized and task oriented
  • Direct and highly verbal
  • Quiet until there is something to say, not chatty for chatting's sake
  • Borderline tech-y
  • Believer and supporter of human and animal rights

Amy Sharp in a Few Words... as she prefers it.