Better Lives, Not Just Better Plans...

How best to support me as a trainer...

  • Coffee in the morning and water in the afternoon
  • At least 45 minutes to set up
  • Handouts ready to go and help distribute them
  • Have a contact number for one of the organizers
  • An audio visual resour

Great things about Debbie

(What others say they like of admire)

  • Takes time to listen and helps participants learn to be better listeners
  • A great facilitator and can handle controversial situations
  • Extremely positive and passionate
  • Very experienced
  • Has a variety of great stories about real people achieving positive outcomes
  • Empowers people
  • Makes everyone feel comfortable
  • Understands the process of transitioning from school to the adult world

Important To...

  • Use person centered thinking to make positive changes in the school and adult system
  • Be on time and flexible with break schedule
  • Use respectful/people first language
  • Avoid or explain acronyms
  • Participate in all activities
  • Be open to new ideas​
  • Participants take time to LISTEN

Debbie R. Wilkes