Better Lives, Not Just Better Plans...

Important FOR Jeff

  • Rest/stretching exercises
  • Not rushed
  • Time to think/plan/organize
  • Information ahead of time
  • Time with Family

People can support Jeff  by:

  • Use email/text to communicate
  • Ask Jeff if he needs support with technology
  • Ask Jeff if you can cover for him if he needs to go home to family
  • Invite Jeff to meetings that will result in action
  • Management to allow Jeff autonomy and involvement in decisions

What People Like and Admire about Jeff

  • Advocate/Activist
  • Bold - Risk Taker
  • Deeply Caring
  • Good Listener
  • Creative Thinker
  • Great Dad

What is Important TO Jeff

  • Fun time with family
  • Empowered to make decisions and create new initiatives
  • Flexible workplace
  • Working with people who share belief system
  • Control of schedule

Jeff Garrison-Tate