Better Lives, Not Just Better Plans...

Great Things About Laura!

(What others say they like or admire...)

  • “Uncompromising in her conviction that the abilities of people to have what is important to them is limited only by our own imaginations” 
  • “Able to facilitate difficult or emotional discussions with respect, perspective, and integrity” 
  • “A confident facilitator and speaker” 
  • “Laura has the unique ability to bring differing perspectives together and reach common ground” 
  • “She does what she says she will do.” 
  • “Gently redirects participants with grace and ease” 
  • “A naturally dynamic presenter; an exceptional story-teller” 
  • “Real, authentic and welcoming. She makes learning safe.” 
  • “Always connects with her audience.” 
  • “Not just a presenter…she’s a teacher.” 

As a Trainer...

These things are important to me: 
  • Making a real difference in the lives of real people 
  • Creating a safe and comfortable learning environment, having the room set up “just so.” 
  • Arriving an hour early to accomplish that “just so” 
  • Being organized but flexible enough to meet the needs of the group. 
  • Feeling that I am connecting with all of the training participants. 
  • Taking care of myself while on the road (Diet & exercise) 
  • Meeting – or better yet! - exceeding your expectations. 
  • Balancing my home and work life; my family supports me well! 

You support me as a Trainer when you: 
  • Tell me what you need. Give me clear and honest feedback. 
  • Let me set up (& take down) my equipment and charts myself. I appreciate your help, but I want to feel confident that everything is as I need it to be, that it’s … you know… “just so.” 
  • Provide some background information on the group we are training so that I can best be prepared to meet their needs. 
  • Don’t take offense at my lackluster food preferences. I’m a picky eater but I can usually find something I like. I carry protein bars just in case. 
  • The GPS is my greatest friend. If it won’t get me there, please let me know what will (i.e. clear directions). 
  • Email is the best way to reach me. If I don’t know you well, remind me how/where we met. Allow me a few days to respond but check back if you don’t hear from me within the week – you might have landed in my junk mail! 
  • Give me your whole self in the training experience. I’ll give you mine. 

Laura G. Buckner