Person-Centered Thinking Training

Person Centered Thinking (PCT) training is a full two days of hands on learning and skill development on how to apply a variety of skills to discover information to support a person have a better life. The skills offer specific methods to discover information that identifies what is important to a person and what is important for a person.  It is this discovery process that leads to finding the balance between important to and for and what supports the person needs. A Person Centered Description organizes the information discovered and informs action planning.  The action plan serves as the vehicle to actualize person-centered outcomes that supports the person to get a better life as they define it.

Person Centered Thinking is the first and fundamental training offered by the Institute and provides participants with the basic knowledge on how to facilitate the use of the tools to support others. As a part of the training, participants develop their own Person Centered Descriptions. As noted, this process is about supporting people to get better lives. All people. A core principle of PCT is to understand and practice the skill before attempting to facilitate the discovery process with someone else.

Those who successfully complete the PCT training are able to use the training to facilitate the skills, but are not certified to train others. 

Better Lives, Not Just Better Plans...