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Additional Trainings and Opportunities 

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Other available training sessions:

• Agency Coaches in Person-

    Centered Thinking

• Families Planning Together

• People Planning Together

• People Planning Ahead

• Person-Directed Plan Partnership

• Person-Centered Thinking for

    Military Families

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Jeff Garrison-Tate 
Texas A&M University

Information regarding consultant fees, materials and travel expenses are available upon request.

What People Have Said About Person-Centered Thinking and Planning Training

“It was so helpful to watch plans get developed and observe best practices.”

“The tools rock—I feel like I can be successful in implementing this!”

"I loved the way the training was presented—very easy to follow and understand. I didn’t find myself lost or losing interest after the first day."

"I thought I knew how to listen before this training. Now, I have an understanding of how find out what is important to and for people I serve."

"I can use this information in my daily life."

"I started implementing the techniques with my clients this fall and it has been amazing! They are LOVING it! It is truly incredible how responsive they are to the process and how badly they want to change certain things in their lives."

"I not only enjoyed the workshop, I am convinced that reviewing each of the people on my caseload charts will cause me to stop and think about what is important to them, and not force my years of social work experience into what's important for them. Thank you for being REAL."

“There were lots of great tools to gather information and get to know the individuals we serve.”

“Great organization of information—lots of handouts to take with me for training, using, reviewing.”

"So different from the person-centered planning training I have received in the past..."

"This training totally changed the way I think."

"I appreciated the interaction and practicality of the information presented in this training."