The Institute offers numerous training opportunities, some of which are customized to be relevant to the people an organization supports.  Person Centered Thinking skills apply to people, all people. The application of these skills is different depending on a person’s support needs.
Person Centered Thinking Training (PCT) is the foundation training offered by the Institute and serves as the pre-requisite for other training offered by the Institute. CEUs are offered for License Professional Counselors (LPC), Social workers (SW) and for Texas Educators (TEA). Click here to learn more about PCT.

Plan Facilitation Training (PF) brings the PCT skills to life.  This is an intensive training offering participants the opportunity to learn from a content expert who has a disability or other support needs to develop a Person Centered Description and action plan. PCT training is a required pre-requisite to PF training. Click here to learn more about Plan Facilitation.  

​The Institute offers these Training Opportunities:

  • Developing Person Centered Outcome

  • People Planning Together: Peer-to-Peer training for people with Intellectual Disabilities or other Developmental Disabilities

  • Developing a Person Centered One Page Description

  • Person Centered Practices and Organization Change

  • Coaching Training: Supporting Organization Change

  • Mentor Trainer services for Person Centered Thinking Trainer Candidates

Customized Application of Person Centered Thinking and Plan Facilitation:

  • Adult Protection Service Case Workers

  • Managed Care Organizations Service Coordinators

  • Local Authority IDD Center Service Coordinators

  • Families

  • Home and Hospice Organizations

  • Educators

  • State Agency Disability and Aging Professionals

  • Direct Support Professionals

  • Trauma Informed Care

  • Student Transition Assessments and Planning

If you want to learn more about these training opportunities, please contact:

Aimee Day:​

Certified Trainer, Center on Disability and Development

at Texas A&M University

Training Offered

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