The Institute offers numerous training opportunities, some of which are customized to be relevant to the people an organization supports.  Person-Centered Thinking skills apply to people, all people. The application of these skills is different depending on a person’s support needs.
Person-Centered Thinking Training (PCT) is the foundation training offered by the Institute and serves as the pre-requisite for other training offered by the Institute. CEUs are offered for License Professional Counselors (LPC), Social workers (SW) and for Texas Educators (TEA). 

​The Institute offers these Training Opportunities:

  • Developing Person-Centered Outcomes

  • People Planning Together: Peer-to-Peer training for people with Intellectual Disabilities or other Developmental Disabilities

  • Developing a Person-Centered One Page Description

  • Person-Centered Practices and Organization Change

  • Mentor Trainer services for Person-Centered Thinking Trainer Candidates

Customized Application of Person-Centered Thinking:

  • Adult Protection Service Case Workers

  • Managed Care Organizations Service Coordinators

  • Local Authority IDD Center Service Coordinators

  • Families

  • Home and Hospice Organizations

  • Educators

  • State Agency Disability and Aging Professionals

  • Direct Support Professionals

  • Trauma Informed Care

  • Student Transition Assessments and Planning

If you want to learn more about these training opportunities, please contact us using the form below.

Training Offered

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