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​​​​​​​Registration Fees

  Registration fee includes course materials.

Families and self advocates please contact Aimee Day at to register for either class. 

Professionals who support people with disabilities:

PCT Class: $150
PF Class: $200

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A discounted rate is available if registering for both classes.

About Person-Centered Practices Training

The Institute offers training and materials developed specifically for educators, executive managers and organizational decision-makers, direct support professionals, social workers, individuals with disabilities, and family members supporting a loved one with a disability. 

The Institute is a part of a worldwide training network, The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices.

The Institute on Person Centered Practices offers a variety of training opportunities including Person-Centered Thinking TrainingPerson-Centered Plan Facilitation, and professional certification to train others in Person-Centered Practices. 

CEU's are available for Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Social Workers (SW), and Texas Educators (TEA). For more information about continuing education units, please email

Person-Centered Thinking Training (PCT)(click here for more information)
Plan Facilitation Training (PF) 
(click here for more information)

Additional Training Opportunities:

  • Developing a Person-Centered One Page Description
  • Plan Facilitation: Outcome Oriented Person-Centered Action Planning
  • People Planning Together: Facilitated by people with Developmental Disabilities
  • Person-Centered Practices and Organization Change
  • Mentor Support Services for Person-Centered Thinking Trainer Candidates

Customized Training Opportunities:

  • Person-Centered Application for Adult Protection Service Case Managers
  • Person-Centered Application for Managed Care Organizations
  • Person-Centered Application for Home Health and Hospice Organizations
  • Person-Centered Application for Families
  • Person-Centered Application for Service Coordinators
  • Person-Centered Application for State Agency on Disability Professionals
  • Person-Centered Application for Educators
  • Person-Centered Application for Direct Support Professionals

Become a Certified Person-Centered Thinking Trainer

The certification process requires a considerable investments of both time and finances.  Please review the certification requirements carefully along with the fee structure. Those interested in pursuing certification, please complete a PCT Trainer Certification Application and mail with your application fee to:

Institute for Person-Centered Practices

Laura G. Buckner

Shelley Dumas, Ph.D.

Jeff Garrison-Tate 
University of Texas

Center on Disability Studies
10100 Burnet Road, Building 137, Suite 1.154. L4000
Austin, Texas 78758

If your application is accepted, you will be contacted by a Mentor Trainer from the Institute on Person Centered Practices to discuss the next steps in the process.

​Ongoing Certification Requirement

The information below is an excerpt from the Learning Community For Person Centered Practices' Trainer Credentialing Process. "All trainers who desire to maintain their certification as a Person Centered Thinking Trainer must: 

  • Write at least one living description per year that meets Best Description Criteria
  • Deliver the full two days of Person Centered Thinking Training at least three times per year

Attend one of the following

  • Annual Gathering endorsed by The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices.
  • Updated training sessions delivered by a mentor-trainer, and discussions with mentor trainer on changes to material/supplies/etc.

And agree to:

  • Participation on the Trainer’s list serve
  • ​Share with The Learning Community knowledge gained through experience, innovation and learning throughout the year.
  • Contribute to requests for comment on new exercises/trainings/learning methods developed.
  • Acquire, evaluate and submit (when requested) evaluation information from at least two trainings completed in the past year.​

Want to attend an upcoming Person-Centered Thinking training?

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