Important to me...​

  • Family is extremely important to me. All of my time when I am not working is dedicated to family.

  • It is important to me to be around people with a common vision who are willing to work for positive change.

  • Being around people with a sense of humor and who enjoy talking about a variety of subjects.

  • Having order in my life, a clean house, routines that reduce stress, and something that is relaxing.

  • Having time to have dinner with friends in a location “with a view” and live music.

​​What people like and
admire about Vickie:

  • I have a close relationship with my children, grandchildren, and other family members

  • If I say I will do something, I do it.

  • I have a deep and broad knowledge and experience in my area of expertise.

  • Whatever I do, I try to do it well.

  • My nature and professional strategies are not threatening.

  • I was asked to be on the Texas Education Agency’s Special Education Advisory Committee to represent the area of Transition and Work-Based Learning.

  • I like art, theater, live music, fly fishing, hiking, traveling, and reading.

  • I am an “Amateur Archeologist”

How can we best support Vickie?

  • I turn the ringer off when working. The quickest way to reach me is by text. 

  • I dislike running late and that does stress me. If I am late, I may seem rushed when I arrive but I will “get it together” quickly. Hang in there!

  • Understand my hectic work schedule, last minute notices for meetings are difficult to address. If the goal is to meet 4x per year, can we set those dates?

  • I try not to make request of people unless I have exhausted my resources. If I make a request please try to help me sooner than later because I used up time trying to get it done, without taking up your time. So sorry

Vickie Mitchell

Better Lives, Not Just Better Plans...